It’s kind of a funny story… Being that Andy Borowsky was the local ice hockey coach, parents of students at the school he was teaching asked him if he wouldn’t mind running an indoor after school hockey club. Mr. Borowsky loved the idea and spoke to the school’s principal about running an indoor hockey club in the school’s gymnasium. The principal loved the idea however, he DID NOT give Mr. Borowsky permission to run the program because he was worried that the hockey sticks would scratch up the new gymnasium floors! Mr. Borowsky thought about how he could have students play indoor hockey and keep the floors from being scratched. He did an experiment with the players from the high school ice hockey team that he was coaching at the time. Mr. B had his team play indoor hockey in the school gymnasium and the players put a sweat sock over the blade of their stick to keep the floor from scratching (and to make the game safer). The game was great, and there was not a scratch on the floor! Because the players put a sock over the blade of their sticks, Mr. Borowsky decided to name the game: SOCKEY! A combination of the words SOCK and HOCKEY. The rest is history!

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